About EBES
Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) was founded in early 2008; however, the idea of creating such organization goes back to a couple of years earlier. In spite of the term “Eurasia”, the scope should be understood in its broadest term having a global emphasis. EBES aims to improve its ability to bring together worldwide researchers and professionals, encourage intellectual development of scholars and provide network opportunities for conference attendees for making long lasting academic cooperation. To reach its goal, EBES benefits from its advisory board members consist of well-known academicians all around world and provide publication opportunities.

Any scholar or professional interested in economics, finance, and business around the world is welcome to attend EBES conferences, which are held three times a year, and submit their research to EBES journals. Two of those conferences are held in Europe or Asia, and the other is held in Istanbul, Turkey.
EBES is a scholarly association for scholars involved in the practice and study of economics, finance, and business worldwide. EBES was founded for the purpose of not only promoting academic research in the field of economics, finance, and business, but also encouraging the intellectual development of scholars and providing network opportunities for conference attendees for making long lasting academic cooperation.
EBES’s main objectives are:
  • advancement of academic knowledge through the encouragement of academic study and research,
  • to promote high standard scholarship through advancing economics, finance, and business knowledge,
  • to facilitate communication among scholars through meetings,
  • to promote publication opportunities through its official publications and special issues in well-known journals,
  • to provide networking opportunities for scholars through conferences,
  • to play an essential resource for economics, finance, and business information and education.
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 Email  : ebes@ebesweb.org